Get involved in LEND US SOME MUSCLE 2019

We host a number of events each year, such as the Lend Us Some Muscle Challenge. In May participants from all across the country challenge themselves, their friends and their family to something physical and fun. It’s super easy to register, then we’ll send you out some transfer Tatts to stick on your flexing muscles to show your support throughout your challenge.

We encourage as many people as possible to undertaketheir own community fundraising projects throughout the year to boost ourresearch budget. Community fundraising can be fun as well as rewarding. With alittle planning, lots of energy and a great team, you can make a big differentto people living with FA.


If you're about to embark on a fun run, marathon, swim, walk, bike ride or any other activity, why not do it in aid of FA. Or challenge yourself to give one a go.

  • Plan your challenge
  • Ask family and friends to support your efforts by donating
  • Remember registration opens 18 April.