We encourage people diagnosed with Friedreich Ataxia and their family and friends to become members of FARA NZ.

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FARA NZ is small community of volunteers within New Zealand.  Our network acknowledges the challenges associated with FA, providing support to people with this rare condition as well as their family and friends.  We have a network of people available to assist members who require information and understanding about this rare condition.

FARA NZ has global connections including FARA Australia.  We will endeavour to update members on current research and keep them informed of any treatments or clinical trials that become available.


Specialist FA clinics exist in Melbourne and Brisbane, designed for the assessment, treatment and care of people with FA.   Many New Zealanders attend these multi-disciplinary clinics at their own cost. Currently members can apply to FARA NZ for the cost of the Australian clinic fee (Conditions apply).   Currently, FARA NZ is developing a specialist clinic in New Zealand.