How do I get tested for FA?

Contact your GP first to discuss symptoms and then they will be able to make the appropriate arrangements.

Methods of diagnosis are similar to those of general neurology in that a careful clinical history and examination are undertaken. Tests such as laboratory testing of blood or urine, neurophysiology or imaging testing are often performed first to clarify which genetic test is most appropriate or may be used in place of a genetic diagnosis if such tests are technically difficult or unavailable. Depending on availability of reliable test results, genetic tests are performed locally at Labplus Auckland, at the Christchurch DHB, a lab in Australasia or sent to Europe or the USA.

How do I get a disability Parking Permit

Having a medical condition or disability does not automatically entitle you to a mobility parking permit.

You are eligible if you meet the following criteria;

  1. You are unable to walk and always require the use of a wheelchair, or 

  2. Your ability to walk distances is severely restricted by a medical condition or disability. If for example, you require the use of mobility aids, experience severe pain, or breathlessness, or 

  3. You have a medical condition or disability that requires you to have physical contact or close supervision to safely get around and cannot be left unattended. For example, if you experience disorientation, confusion, or severe anxiety.

Your doctor needs to confirm your eligibility, unless you are renewing a long-term permit.

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