Family Information Session

Hi everyone,The link below informs you of the Information Day that is occurring on Saturday the 15th of July in Auckland next month. It's an excellent opportunity to meet others and their family members in the same situation and listen to the experts that are so helpful and knowledgeable.2017 fara Aus Auckland InvitationPlease read through and RSVP by the 18th of this month to the email supplied. If you have any queries, feel free to include those in your email also.Another alternative to finding information about the day would be to go to the Facebook link connected to the website and post your questions or comments there if you haven't already done so. It's a very good opportunity to find out about other like minded individuals and make those positive connections and reduce those ones of concern through knowledge and information sharing.Looking forward to seeing you on the day if you can make it and getting to know you better through the wonders of technology if you can't.Take care,Janine Morrah.(faranz Secretary).